We put together a whole host of online resources, from handy calculators to measurement apps and things to help you out in the studio, during a live show or in the lab. Whatever your role in the audio world, there is always a time when you need to make a few quick calculations and can’t quite remember that formula off the top of your head! Keep in your bookmarks for speedy calculations! We will update the toolkit over time so if we missed something then let us know in the comments or write us a message.

Audio Theory

Geoff Martin does a great introduction to sound, including all the important units and equations. Browse subjects or purchase the whole textbook as a pdf download. All proceeds to charity and you can even choose which charity!

Here is a great course in psychoacoustics by Acoustic Labs, which contains all the vital info on hearing, perception and localization. All lecture notes can be accessed for free!

Electronics A fun old-school site with useful guides

This encyclopedic collection by engineer Eberhard Sengpiel covers pretty much every audio term, definition and calculation you might need to know! A marvelous resource.

Principles of Sound An introductory guide to the physical properties of sound and a basic introduction to how sound behaves in enclosed spaces.

Basic explanations to detailed information about Noise & Vibration go here


Acoustics and PsychoacousticsHoward and Angus, Acoustics and Psychoacoustics

[Focal Press 2006]

Sound and RecordingRumsey & McCormick, Sound & Recording, An Introduction

[Focal Press 2005]

Master Handbook of AcousticsEverest, Master Handbook of Acoustics

[McGraw-Hill 2002]

Perceptual Audio EvaluationThe holy grail of audio evalulation: Bech and Zacharov, Perceptual Audio Evaluation: Theory, Method and Application

[John Wiley & Sons 2006]

Audio Production and Critical ListeningJason Corey, Audio Production & Critical Listening Technical Ear Training Application

[Focal Press 2010]

Copper is a new journal for music and sound.

It’s free and it’s great.

Check it out. 

Audio Measurements

Here are a few bits to get you started with measurement technique.

Archimago Audiophile topics among other thoughts

Basic overview of measurements made for room acoustics, but the principles can be applied in many other areas, e.g. in the car. Easy reading. 

Sound Field Measurements Tutorial


For all your audio calculation needs, vielen Dank Herr Sengpiel!

Quick & easy delay, pitch-frequency and phase calculations in the studio.
Thanks to my pal Mat at Hilltown Studios.

Bob Gold’s Room Mode Calculator

Amplifier power, thermal dissipation, ceiling speaker calculator & more from Extron.

Viewing distance calculator


Audio Measurements Apps

SPL meter

LogSPL Reliable sound level meter.

Sound Level Meter Pro Turn your iPhone®s and iPad®s into high quality sound level meters

SPLnFFT Noise Meter frequency analyzer, frequency meter, test signal generator, dosimeter

Studio6Digital A whole collection of measurement tools

Faber Acoustical Apps for real-time signal analysis, measurement, and data acquisition

Warning! These apps failed test on all fronts.

Decibel Pro II                 dB

Sound Meter                  Noise Alarm

iSPL                              Audio Tool

Noise Meter                   Decibel Ultra

dB Meter Pro                 Decibel 10th

Decibel Meter                Sound Level Meter

Noise Sniffer


Room EQ Wizard Frequency response, distortion, phase and time-frequency plots. You can even even equalize your loudspeakers to suit the listening space.

True RTA: RTA analyzer for PC use. 2 inputs, compare up to 20 measurements.
Free, but $100 for high resolution version.

BassBoxPro for calculating the volume and dimensions and predicting the behaviour of a subwoofer in a car. $149

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) like Pro Tools, Pyramix and Logic are powerful bits of gear, but if it’s not your full-time job, do you really need to pay out for it? Try using Audacity, an open-source, free DAW that allows you to record, edit and mix audio.

Dynamic Range Meter: We all know about the loudness war, and this company is trying to raise awareness about it. Try out their easy to use dynamic range meter. Also free!

Grabbers & Converters

Exact Audio Copy: High-quality, free audio grabber.

Create, edit videos and burn to DVD. Imgburn supports all major formats.

Miro video (and audio) converter. Converts to correct formats and sizes for most smartphones, tablets and other media players.

Audio Playback Tools

Stream from different servers on the wireless speakers and AV-receivers with MyAudioStream app

Rdio offers big buttons for playback in the car but are currently being aquired and service is down but they will return as part of the pandora network.

Downloads and organizes your podcast library, overcast improves speech quality, magical!

Train your EarsScreen Shot 2016-03-20 at 08.45.42

Harman’s free ear training software

Philips Golden Ears

Auricula Listener Training App

Free FutureLearn course by Queen’s University Belfast. This course has been created for music producers, but includes useful explanations of audio theory and great practical listening exercises. You can also communicate with other course members on the forum.

Jason Corey’s Book Audio Production & Critical Listening Technical Ear TrainingAudio Production and Critical Listening is a fabulous resource to get started with your ear training. The book is designed to help budding audio engineers and music producers, so it is not geared towards product evaluation, but contains great advice and effective listening exercises to get your ears tuned in quickly.

Shure From a music production point of view.

Look after those ears!

Noise & Hearing Conservation Technical Manual

Go here for WHO guide lines in regards to ear care.

Don’t get up, test your ears online!

There are several online audiometry tests that can give you an idea of your hearing ability, but shouldn’t be treated as an absolute measure, as there are plenty of areas where error can be introduced. 

This test offers a calibration of your playback system.

This test uses warble tones instead of pure tone signals, and you can print out your results. This is a good way to confirm the results from the first test.

This test measures your ability to understand speech when masked by noise.

Hearing test with clear instructions and great explanation of results

Car Audio

Some useful bits’n’pieces on car audio (watch out, some of these guys are trying to sell you stuff!)

Handy car audio glossary

Reddit’s car audio thread

Car stereo chick’s EQ tips. I don’t do it exactly like this, but she makes a few good points.

Installation advice from Sonic Electronix lads

Subwoofer optimisation 

I’m liking this helpful article on how to get the most out of your sub

Don’t be a lonely audio nerd. Join some groups!

Some Audio Standards

Listening and Loudspeaker Setup

ITU-R BS 775 Loudspeaker configuration standards – Stereo and surround

EBU 3276 Loudspeaker configurations standard

ITU-R Recommendation BS.1116-1 Listening room standard

IEC 60268-13 Listening room specification

ISO 226 Normal equal loudness level contours

ISO 3382 Reverberation Time Measurement

American Standards Association, American Standard Acoustical Terminology, (New York: 1960] Definition of timbre

Assessment of Audio Quality

BS.1283 A guide to ITU-R recommendations for subjective assessment of sound quality

BS.1284 General methods for subjective assessment of sound quality

BS.1116-1 Methods for subjective assessment of small impairments in audio systems including multichannel sound systems.

BS.1285 Pre-selection methods for subjective assessment of small impairments in audio systems.

BS.1534 Method for subjective assessment of intermediate quality

BS.1387-1 Method for objective measurements of perceived audio quality

BS.562-3 ITU-R. Recommendation BS.562-3, Subjective Assessment of Sound Quality. International Telecommunications Union Radiocom- munication Assembly, 1990.

File Formats

AES69-2015 AES standard for file exchange – spatial acoustic data file format

Find the rest here



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