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Calling all car audio nerds!

Warning: This post could get very dull for those not working in automotive! I have been working for the automotive industry on and off for almost a decade, and during this time I’ve had the opportunity to work with the big guys in France, Germany, UK, America, South America and China. Each company has their […]


How much do you know about your own hearing ability? An audiometry test is the most common way of measuring your hearing. In most countries, you can request one from your regular doctor, who will normally be able to do the test, and in other cases will refer you to an audiologist for the test. […]

Look after those golden ears!

As the world around us gets louder and louder, so does the need to protect our ears and be aware of how much noise we are subjected to in our daily lives. As far as damage goes, you need to watch out for Very loud sounds like gunshots and explosions, even fireworks Moderately loud sounds […]