System Design

We offer specialised consultancy in audio system design. Let us take care of:

  • Component selection and testing
  • Loudspeaker configuration and integration
  • Prevention of distortions like door and panel vibrations

In order to select the right components, we make electrical and acoustic measurements, and carry out subjective listening tests, both in and outside of the vehicle. We test a number of integration options and give you our best advice – with your budget in mind.

Shelley (echo friendly engineer) was responsible for the sound tuning of the Bang & Olufsen sound system in the Audi Q7 car presented in Las Vegas at the CES 2013. She did a fantastic job on this project and the sound system was very well received.

Markus KochLead audio engineer @ TESLABang and Olufsen

Experienced, proven sound engineering and highly-skilled in listening. Echo Friendly are truly dedicated to customer satisfaction and carry out missions in a professional, efficient and friendly manner.

Philippe TourCEO ArkamysArkamys

We asked echo friendly to tune the sound for our flagship product, the Audiocase. Now it sounds amazing and we will definitely use their services for our next product!

Søren LarsenFounder, Audiocase Audiocase

When I worked with Echo Friendly, their professionalism and attention to detail always made the experience a joy. I would recommend their engineering and creative skills to all.

Alex MarcouEx-Abbey Road Recording Engineer

I worked with Echo Friendly when I was at Renault. They were dealing with the sound tuning for the car. In addition to being a professional and skilled person, Shelley, their engineer, is also very keen, enthusiastic and open-minded.

Benoit JullinAcoustics Quality Engineer at L-AcousticsRenault

Shelley Uprichard has an amazing set of audio skills. On the engineering side, she has great ears. From high end down to tiny portables, she can translate what is heard and apply it to the needs of the customer or audience. Being a musician helps a lot, of course. Consider yourself lucky if she is on your team.

Lewis AthanasCEO Athanas AcousticAthanas

Sound Tuning

Your hardware is in place, but your sound system has MUCH more potential! Allow us to perfect the sound using your DSP, or let us recommend one of our audio DSP partners. We will make sure that your audio system reaches its full potential, whilst taking your budget and hardware constraints into consideration.

We have almost a decade of experience in sound tuning of automotive, consumer audio, home cinema and mobile
phone manufacturers all over the world.

Reference Listening Room

Without a reference sound, how do you know what to aim for? A reference listening space allows the team to evaluate audio quality, train their ears and carry out comparative listening tests.

If you want to build a reference room, we are here to help. We work with partners in acoustic design and treatment to create an ideal listening room for your needs. Our audio team will help you decide on the right equipment: Amplifiers, loudspeakers, DSP units and even the right furniture.

We will oversee the installation process and make sure the equipment is calibrated to meet international standards (ITU-R BS. 1116-1). We can even train your audio team in the operation and maintenance of the space.