About Us

Echo friendly is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We have been making things sound better for almost a decade, through audio system design, sound tuning, product evaluation and training. We work primarily in automotive and consumer electronics, but have experience working with pro audio, home cinema, audio algorithm design and mobile phone.

Want to talk audio?

general info: info@echo-friendly.com

audio expert: shelley@echo-friendly.com

wechat: decibelshell

Our mission

Echo friendly strives to help companies improve the audio quality of their products. The companies we work with experience a lack of technical knowledge within their audio teams, to design, tune, test and evaluate their own products. This limits their ability to perform meaningful quality control and identify problems early in the development phase. This results in costly mistakes in design and production and ultimately, poor audio quality.

Through our consultancy services, we are able to take care of all things audio, or indeed empower your own employees through training workshops. Either way, we achieve our goal of raising the quality bar!

Echo Friendly Goes East

A highly specialised set of skills and a strong network of partners has enabled Echo friendly to work across industries and internationally. Our mission to improve audio quality has lead us to Shanghai, China, where we are working with automotive and mobile manufacturers and assisting our partner Arkamys.

Who’s behind it?

Founder and lead engineer Shelley Uprichard began her journey in audio on the prestigious Tonmeister Honours degree programme at The University of Surrey, UK. After 2 audio associate residencies at The Banff Centre in Canada, she worked for more than 2 years at Bang & Olufsen, in both the acoustic department in Denmark and some years later, for their Automotive department in Germany. This included tuning the first Audi Q7 with 3D sound for CES 2013 and presenting research in psychoacoustics at AES conference.

In between times and ever since, she has been doing project-based work until she decided to establish Echo Friendly. Joining her is a team of skilled professionals sharing her passion for great audio quality.