Audio Quality Evaluation

In order to evaluate audio quality, we use a combination of measurements and listening tests under various conditions, to award a quality level to selected audio attributes. This includes the following attribute categories:

  • Tonal balance
  • Dynamic behaviour
  • Spatial reproduction
  • Distortions & degradations

Why do you need it?

With a full quality evaluation you can be sure that your product performs in all areas. In the case that we identify some problem areas, we will advise you on how to improve the audio in order to reach a better performance level.

Audio Benchmarking

How do you rate compared to the competition? Let us carry out a tailor-made benchmarking test for you. We can work together to identify your direct competition and carefully select products for the benchmarking study.

The results will show you exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and from there we can formulate a strategy to improve in those areas, and of course your ranking within the market.

Enquire about a benchmarking test now.