Look after those golden ears!

As the world around us gets louder and louder, so does the need to protect our ears and be aware of how much noise we are subjected to in our daily lives. As far as damage goes, you need to watch out for

  1. Very loud sounds like gunshots and explosions, even fireworks
  2. Moderately loud sounds over long periods, e.g. inside a factory or an all-night illegal warehouse rave

Don’t be a hero, save your ears! Or else you won’t be able to enjoy the wonders of sound in the Autumn of your life, like this guy…

As with any audio product, there is a plethora of plugs to choose from, including many innovative new and affordable products. Here are the main categories and the ones we like best from each:

  1. Custom-moulded
  2. Cheap & Cheerful
  3. Ear peace
  4. Wax


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